Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Hewitt's pledge to allocate more midwives

Yet another depressing article in the Guardian about women’s lonely plight on the delivery suite and another pledge from Mrs. Hewitt to allocate more midwives.

Don’t’ believe it – how can the Government keep on making these empty, condescending promises that belittle a noble profession and a noble society of women who, God forbid, keep getting pregnant and having babies. What must the women be thinking when they read these articles day after day about the rubbish care they will receive when having their babies in hospital It’s enough to make them want to reach for double contraception but hang on a minute, what will happen to the next generation of up and coming young hopefuls to carry on with the human race? Perhaps this is all part of the Blair Government long term plan, that having a baby and giving birth becomes so awful with no midwives in attendance that the human race does not continue.

Sorted – no people, no problems – the Government will have plenty of money then. What will they spend it on I wonder? Not women and midwives – that’s for sure.

Just a word of reassurance for all you pregnant or soon to be pregnant women – in spite of working with reduced midwives and resources, where I work, we go that extra mile to ensure that you are looked after with all the skills and care that we possess, which is a helluva lot.

Please lobby your local MP for more midwives, more birth units and no closures of any kind – before it’s too late.

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