Sunday, 19 October 2008



In response to a survey by Net mums, who found that a quarter of women had not been able to attend ante-natal classes because there simply were not any, the Government has promised it will deliver 4000 midwives by the year 2010.

This is a plea to anyone out there who feels they would be able to take up the challenge of becoming a midwife then please get in touch with either someone who is a midwife, contact your local university who provides education for midwife training or read this blog.

Over the next few months (work load permitting), I will endeavour to provide a diary of the daily working life of a midwife and just exactly what the work is like.

Being a midwife is not only a privilege but it is a profession that is extremely rewarding. I can guarantee that being a midwife is never boring. Every working day is different – as you will see from my diary to follow.

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Amanda said...

my dream is to be a midwife. However, I need an AA RN (I have a BA in psychology), and then attend a distance learning midwifery school. Someday... I'd love to meet that call. I adored my midwife for all 4 of my pregnancies, and would love to provide that care for other women.